Staples at 2484 N.Elston in Chicago turned me away 10 minutes to close. The copy center worker could have handled my request much better. I took my business to Kinko’s instead. This is a scenario where we experience customer service first hand. I am using this as a learning experience and adapting it to my business.

I have learned that the easiest way for a competitor to steal a customer is to reach out to them when they are NOT HAPPY with their current supplier.

I am excited whenever I get interviewed, let alone when I get on TV. Another thing that is totally cool is when I interview the reporter that just interviewed me. This is always FUN and turns the tables a little. The reporters from CBS 2 News in Chicago have been AWESOME to work with.

Pizza Push-Ups

This is a funny video sent to us from one of our customers. Burn calories and eat Domino’s Pizza at the same time.


Go to and sign up for the sweepstakes. While you are there you can share this video on Facebook, Delicious it! or embed it in your Blog! Give the gift and chance of winning an awesome pizza hook-up: FREE Pizza!

CBS 2 News Chicago did a story about my use of Twitter posting 12secondsTV videos about potholes. Check it out:

Following their story I interviewed the reporter for my blog and this is how it went.

Thanks for viewing.

While most people sleep through this important moment,I decided to make a video and share this moment with you. Where does the hour go? What happens? Is there a flash or a sonic boom?

Click and let’s find out.

DPZRAMON had a chance to talk with the Gravity Summit co-event coordinators to Thank them. I recommend to those that are interested in educating themselves about social media to attend a summit. We saw presentations from @URLGRL from Sony Entertainment and @tonyadam SEO from Yahoo. Sprint and David Reis also shared what they are doing with social media to listen, attract and entertain customers. This event was worth the trip from Chicago!

This is a test blog using Windows Live Writer. If all works as I assume it will, I will be all over this!

Domino’s Pizza Bakes the Letter from Subway!

Check out our Domino’s Pizza Commercial that has gotten over 24,000 views on my YouTube account